PLEASE DISREGARD THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE, AS WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS. THANK YOU. ILOANBooks accepts unsolicited submissions all year round. If you have a manuscript that you think fits our style we would love to read it. Electronic submissions can be sent to xxxxxxx, (we currently do not accept submissions through post) and will be reviewed by the editorial staff; Gus Iversen, Vanessa Nutter, Kevin Estrada, Philip Radiotes, and Otgo Batsuu.

At present we do not receive many submissions and because of this we will likely respond to your work in a timely manner. Typically, we would print and bind approx. 40 copies of your work and give half of them to you to do with as you wish, the other half would be ours to sell through the website and literary events. We cannot pay you for your work beyond providing you with printed copies.