ILOANBooks is a bookstore, a publishing company, and an acronym.

We place an emphasis on inventive use of language, then we usually add pictures. Gus Iversen maintains this website with his highly sophisticated HTML coding skills. About 40 books have been published by ILOANBooks and about 15 of them are currently in stock.

Our first book, Badly Drawn Monkeys, was spiral-bound in 2004 at a copy shop that no longer exists. The co-authors of that book went on to form an excellent band, which once looked like this on a cameraphone in 2007:

ILOANBooks has gone through all the predictable growing pains of a decade old small press. We've paid too much for fancy printing, we've paid too little for bad printing. We've bought the wrong winter coat and registered with the wrong webhosting services. Just like a living organism, we try not to repeat our mistakes and we try not to die.

Through online networks (Duotrope, P&W), and involvement in Brooklyn's small press / zine culture, we have made friends who inspire us and challenge us to create better content. To date, we've received over 400 manuscript submissions from just about everywhere. It's the best part of doing this, and we wish we could print all of them. From essays defending the existence of God, to a series of poems describing someone's dilapedated apartment, to a heavily Harry Potter and Narnia influenced adventure written by a fourteen year old. A lot of the real magic never gets beyond our mailbox, which is why we created the ILOANBooks Review of Letters, an online publication.

We like writers who can't get, or don't care to chase after, regular book deals. We like to offer them irregular deals, deals in which there is little if any financial gain for anyone involved. ILOANBooks is like a vanity press except we pay for everything. Once our books have been printed, half of them go to the author and the other half stay with us. So, unlike a vanity press, we don't print books we don't think our friends will want to buy from us.

And speaking of you, friend, if you'd like to learn more about ILOANBooks why don't you watch Gus stammer through this interview on the Josh Volinski Show? Warning: there are 10 minute stretches devoted strictly to NYC housing laws which you may want to fast forward through.

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