I May Be Crazy But I'm Not Mad

This whole blogging thing is so WEIRD! The blogosphere is weird! Profiles are weird! Computers are weird! Well... I'm just writing to let you know that my rabbits finally got married. That's right, Charles Hoppenstance (left) and Madame Bouncy Soft (right) finally made their love official in the eyes of The Creator this beautiful Sunday afternoon in my Great Neck, New York quadraduplex.

In other news, my book about how to take a bath is almost finished. I fly out to Bolivia in the dark hours of this morning where I'll be finishing up my studies before submerging myself in the Epsom Salt of shared self-discovery!

Don't forget to vote for Obama, you freewheelin' geniuses! Apathy is sooooo early 2000's....

Love You,
-Rev Cary Colt