6 fast 6 furious

piracy in the internet age cannot be controlled without infringing on our civil liberties. it is not as much a question of what we can do to stop it as it is a question of how technology will shape the perversely lucrative industries it is currently deflating. lets look at the movie industry. for one thing: with less money spent in the production and promotion of movies we will be leveling the playing field -- a good movie will be based on simple things; writing, acting, directing. people love movies. that will never change -- but it will no longer be a multi billion dollar industry. hopefully, movie stars of tomorrow will be making salaries similar to those of normal working people -- actors shouldn't be millionaires. isn't that a democratic concept? fame and fortune will become less of a factor in the appeal of getting involved, instead it will be reduced to who loves what they do enough to do it for less money. bleaching these false incentives out of the equation will ultimately IMPROVE the quality of our movies!

this view holds water in other forms of entertainment too -- music, literature, etc... the internet is at the center of it. we are inclined to perceive this shift as socialist but i think it will ultimately come to represent a higher and truer form of democracy -- one in which money and power mean less in the face of what you are bringing to the table. the people will decide what is good, they will not be told what is good. let's accept the possibility that in 20 years everyone will have access to all information. karl marx was a seer, not a politician. communism, in his eyes, was a prophecy, not a goal. what we are living now was written long before we were born. abuse the system when it lets you -- that's where progress comes from.