Dang, where the heck has blog been?

I'll tell you. Blog has been moonlighting as bass player in a tropical indie rock band. Blog has been experimenting with romantic situations. Blog has been trying to sort out The Great European Adventure (starting Monday!) and blog has been grappling with the loss of one of the greatest human beings it ever knew. Blog is, of course, talking about the unexpected and premature death of Eric Jermaine Culp, aka Young Eaglesworth, aka E Culp Ya'll. The bravest, the funniest, the most mainiest... the situation devastator, the heart breaker, the game changer... the unifier. Eric lived fast and died young, leaving an army of admirers to grieve in his wake. Many of the people who read this blog, (wait, do people even read this blog?) know who I am talking about. Eric was 26 years old when he passed on March 21, 2009. He was four days away from flying out to visit me in NYC.

I've lost people before. I know the drill with grieving and I know the protocol for allowing people to grieve. But to have lost someone as special as Eric -- and to have had the privilege of calling him one of my best friends. Well, it agonizes me that strangers have no point of reference for the incomparable soul I've commemorated with the little tattoo on my left arm. How do you tell someone that it isn't like 'just anybody' died? How do you tell them it was someone who had a profound effect on the lives of everyone he met? ...They just aren't gonna believe you. Or if they believe you they won't understand.

So I'm working on a little book completely composed of the phrases E decorated our lives with. It will include words he made up, words he re-defined, and images of him and his friends. It's taking me a long time but it's coming. It's a difficult project and it's not something I can do half-heartedly.

If you knew Eric and want to contribute phrases please send them to I've already gotten contributions from dozens of his friends and you will all be credited in the book... whenever this thing is finally finished. And if you didn't know Eric then this will be an opportunity for you to meet the man through his own words.

But will any of this be accomplished on The Great European Adventure? Ehhhh. Probably not... but at least we all know what page we're on. Blog!

RIP E Culp!!

G Ivory