The Enigmatic Symphonies of Instrumentism #10 by Lewis Gesner

Symphony of Instrumentism Ten   

Books Pitch

Enter the empty performance space with one stack of books, perhaps twenty, or as
many as can be held in a stack from fingers to shoulders in from of you against the
chest.  Place this stack on the floor in center space, in a stack.  Take the book off
of the top and skid it across the floor toward the wall, trying to make it stop against
the wall or as close to it as possible.  Take the next and do the same, this time
trying to land the book next to the previous along the wall, also as close to the wall
as possible.  Do this until all the books in the stack have been used. Try to space
the books along the wall so that they are evenly located from the left to the right.

Compressed Book Air Pitch

Put a 2x4 on the floor, one end against the facing wall, the other end at a straight
angle out from the wall.  Depart from space, return with another stack of books,
about twenty in number, or from fingers to shoulders or chin, held against the chest.
Walk toward the 2x4 and let one foot catch or “stub” against the outward pointed end.
Use the momentum of continued forward movement to launch the stack of books held
against the chest directly forward so that they crash into the facing wall.

The Walk like Cobblestone

Leave the space.  Return with another stack of books, held against the chest
from fingertips to chin.  Arrange them on the floor like a cobblestone path across
a stream, books open, face down, spines facing up.  When the path has been
completely laid out so that all books have been used up, go to one end of the path
and walk along the face-down books, trying to balance so that the predominant
amount of weight is upon the spines of the books.

Appended  Fourth Movement

Depart from space.  Return with a chair and one book.  Seat self, turn the book
upside down and backward.  Proceed to tear out each page from the last to the
first, crumpling each page and dropping it on the floor in front of the chair.  When
all of the pages have been torn out, stand up, place the empty book jacket on the
chair, and depart from the space.

Addition to the Appended Forth Movement

Return to space, carrying a piece of canvas, string, scissors, and one book.  Sit
down in the chair that has been left there with items on lap.  Place on floor as
needed.  Take scissors and cut a random shape from the canvas piece, throwing
what remains aside.  Taking the scissors, make perforations along one side of the
canvas, and matching perforations along the side that most closely faces the first. 
Now, cut pieces of string from the ball and make short shoelace like lengths.
Thread each string through one hole and its opposite.  Now, make another set of
perforations such that one end will be closed up when threaded.  Thread string
through all perforations to make a small sack, pull strings tight and tie.  Put down.
Turn book obviously right side up, so you are looking at the front cover. Proceed

to tear out the pages one at a time.  After tearing out each page, stuff them into
the canvas sack, or wait until several have been torn, and stuff several pages at
a time into the sack.  Proceed until all of the pages have been torn out.  Take the
scissors and make perforations on the sides of the last open end.  Cut pieces of
string, thread them through the perforations, and close up the sack.  Stand up,
put the empty book jacket on the seat of the chair, and then the sack on top of it. 
Depart from the space.   

Extension of the Addition to the Appended Fourth Movement

Return to the performing space with a camera slung around the neck.  Approach the
canvas sack on the chair.  Pick it up, turn it over in hands, and name it out load from
the seven mouth part position sounds uniquely combined.  Place it on the floor, circle
it while looking through the camera, frame several shots and shoot several exposures
of slide film from different angles.  Place again on chair and depart again.