The Enigmatic Symphonies of Instrumentism #11 by Lewis Gesner

Symphony of Instrumentism Eleven


Enter the spaces with heavy boxes. Unbox books from the boxes.  There are
quite a few.  Make a single tall stack of books in the middle space as high as
possible.  Take the top book off and tie a string around it that crosses on both
surfaces so that the book is secured on all sides by string.  Cut the string
remaining to a length of about five feet.  Make sure that where the string is attached
to the book, it is on a side, so that when the book is swung, it swings in a narrow,
flat space the width of the book.  Wrap the loose string now around the hand and begin
to swing the book like a slingshot.  Approach the stack of books and try to knock
the very top book off with the swinging book.  Proceed onto the next book in the stack,
trying to knock only that book off of the stack.  Continue until books are scattered.


Collect the books and place as many as possible back in a tall stack.  Some might not sit
flat if damaged.  After this has been done, stand beside the stack, quickly take books
off of the top and fling them into the left corner of the room where wall meets floor.  When
this has been completed, collect books and restack in a tall stack at the performance
space center.  Now, starting with the topmost book on the stack, fling the books one at
a time into the right most corner.  When this is completed, again restack the books in
the center of the room.  Now, alternate flinging the books into the left and right corner.
When this is completed, collect the books again and place in a stack.  Now, fling books
to the left, to the center, and to the right edge where wall meets floor.  Make several
alternating patterns between the three locations until books are used up.


Restack the books into a single tall stack at room center.  Take the top two books off of
the stack and tie them together with string.  Take another book, and then another and
also tie them together, to each other and the first two.  Begin to tie books from the stack
onto sides of books at angles, trying to break away from the square orientation and
steering the resulting shape toward a globe or circle.  When all of the books have been
used up doing this, attempt to roll the book mass around the space, seeing if it will
continue rolling when thrust, or flipping it from face to face as if learning to use new legs.
Stop.  Navigate the shape out of the performance space.