The Enigmatic Symphonies of Instrumentism #12 by Lewis Gesner

 Symphony of Instrumentism Twelve           

Ensembles Unrolling

Cut a cotton sheet into five or more long even strips.  Choose five or more
objects (one object per strip) of related utility; for instance, five items of personal
grooming, five kitchen utensils/cooking implements, five articles of amusement,
five fit-it or carpentry tools, etc; ensembles.  Lay out the sheet strips and place
the item in at its end, then, roll the sheet strip up with the object rolled inside,
at the end of the strip, or, the center of the roll.  When the entire selected
ensemble has been individually rolled, place all rolls side by side on the
performance space floor.  Now take the end of the first roll and fling it out like
you’re flinging out a full sheet to spread.  The strip and contained object will fly
out in front or in some forward moving direction, landing, hitting, bouncing,
sounding itself.   Proceed and render the rest of the rolled strips/w/objects in
this way.

Swabs and Stones and Ruckus

Make a pile of stones, all sizes, textures and composition.  Produce several rolls of
paper towels and a bucket of water.  Take the beginning of a roll in each hand and
start to wrap the rolls around the hands, until the rolls are unraveled and
rewrapped around the hands.  Now, dip each towel rolled hand in the bucket of water. 
Proceed as best as can be done to wrap another paper towel roll around each wet
towel enclosed hand. Do this several times until at least three rolls have been wound
around each hand.  The last rolling on the hand should not be dipped in the water,
but allowed to remain dry.  Now with these swabbed hands, approach the pile of stones,
striking into it, dispersing them, shuffling, them spreading, scattering and battering,
burying the swabbed hands into the depths of stone and stirring until the swabs have
become shredded and the hands are exposed, at which time the movement ceases.