The Enigmatic Symphonies of Instrumentism #13 by Lewis Gesner

SI Thirteen                               

Weighted Boxes Pushed by Dowels Long Tone Phrases Soloist

Place one closed weighted cardboard box in a parking lot like space.  Equip the
performer with several dowels of different lengths, ranging for 2 feet or so to ten
or more.  These dowels can be carried slung over the shoulder.  From a fixed position,
using one of the dowels, the performer pushes the box near which he has placed himself
as far as the pole and his arm will extend without moving otherwise.  This done, the
performer repositions himself up next to the box, and using the same dowel or one of
the others per choice, he repeats the act of pushing with the dowel and length of arm,
also in direction of personal choice.  This is done until much of parking lot like space
has been explored.

Weighted Boxes Pushed by Dowels Long Tone Phrases in Orchestration

Place weighted uniform cardboard boxes about a parking-lot type space.  Equip
several performers with different length poles from four feet to twelve in length.
They are instructed to push a designated weighted box with the dowel from where
they stand next to the box across the parking lot tar as far as the pole and their arm
length will reach.  They will then walk to the box, stand next to it, and push it from
where the box is now to the length of the pole and arm in a chosen direction.
Continuous tones of box scuffing across tar will vary in duration according to pole
and arm lengths, a speed at which the pushing act is performed, effected perhaps by
length-of-pole dexterity, and amount of weight in box, which may vary if an additional
variant is desired.  Otherwise, one brick per uniform box would do.  Tone durations
will overlap and form short dowel/ long dowel phrasing and interplay.

Rummage Flipping Box with Dwindling Contents

Prepare a cardboard box by filling it about half full with beach stones.  Seal it and cut
a four by six inch rectangular hole in one side.  Now, the performer flips the box from
face to face slowly in a straight line across the park lot like area from one end to the
other. The contents will dwindle as the box spills contents on every fourth flip; the hole
should be on a face that will be turned face down in the path.  Variation; an improvised
path is decided spontaneously, on which the other faces of the box will come into play,
being flipped on and hence extending the dwindling of contents, and varying the formal
spilling quality that would be associated with every fourth move.