The Enigmatic Symphonies of Instrumentism #14 by Lewis Gesner

SI Fourteen                       


Four items at a time are taken out of a bag.  They are toyed with on the floor, three
are grouped together, the fourth put aside.  The three chosen together are variously
put together with each other, attached, or made into a series or order.  They are then,
as a single construction or as elements in a group, put to use with the fourth item, to
modify it, affect it, or otherwise act as a group on a single item.  After this, another
group of four is selected from the bag and the process begins fresh.


A stack of white typing paper is produced, shuffled, and then taped with duct tape
around all its edges so that the stack is a solid block of paper.  I then sit with this
craddled in my arms, facing out, and cut or tear through the first layer of paper.  As I
do this, I respond vocally with a limited phonetic vocabulary, responding as my fingers
pull back paper, open, close, and stroke the flat surfaces, finding ways to interpret
what my hands are doing; a spontaneous score making and reading.  I then perform
the same as I cut or tear down to the next layer of paper, a second “song” of
interpretation from this fresh “score form.” Performed to the bottom of the block of paper.


In this last movement, I produce a ball of twine.  I find the end and hold onto it, rolling
the ball out into the performing space.  I hold onto the end as the ball rolls out, leaving
the trail of string in its wake.  I then follow where it leads, into audience, up to walls,
or even through a door, until I reach the ball, at which time I pick up and roll again,
ultimately until string is gone, rolled out.