The Enigmatic Symphonies of Instrumentism #18 by Lewis Gesner

SI Eighteen                           

Ground to the Ear        

Empty waste and clutter from two very large garbage bags onto the bare floor area.
Spread it around with the feet and hands until it covers the predominant part of the
space.  Now go off to the side and retrieve two large pieces of thin cardboard/ paper.
Using scissors and tape and string, make two large cones out of the materials that you
then fit over the ears on both sides of the head.  Now, wade through the clutter, leaning
down and from side to side to closely hear the materials on the floor.  Even rub the
ends of the attached cones against/ in it to sound it, as well as listening to the wade.

The Two Very Large Garbage Bags Return

 Having done this until hearing a sufficient amount, retrieve the two very large garbage
bags.  Put one on each foot and tie.  Now, wade back into the clutter and gradually
gather up all materials and stuff into the bags while they are both still on the feet, though
this may pose some difficulty.  Try to divide the materials into types so one kind of
material is removed, then another, and then another, increasingly distilled as well as
diminished wades resulting.  When the clutter is all bagged with feet/legs, leave the
space for now.

Wades and Duo Items

Dump various waste and clutter from two very large garbage bags onto the bare floor
area.  Spread it around with hands and feet until it is fairly evenly distributed.  Now,
begin to wade through it.  Do this at different paces, stopping and starting frequently
changing speed and direction and so forth.  Find two items in the clutter and begin
rubbing them together from a standing position.  Listen to the sound and resume
the wading through the clutter, which may obscure the sound of the two item rubbing
to varying degrees, depending of course on what those items are, and area/ material
of wade.  Do this, stopping and starting, experimenting with the sound space of the
wade with the items, and the items alone.  After sufficient variation, stop and find two
more items, performing these acts once again and numerous more times.

The Two Very Large Garbage Bags Return Reprise

Satisfied, again retrieve two very large garbage bags from the side, place feet inside
and tie around feet. Now, wade back into the clutter and begin systematically loading
up the garbage bags, still tied around the feet, with the clutter of the space while wading
about it as you collect. Select like materials so that certain types of material are all
removed first, then another type, and then another.  This requires some categorization
and system making.  When clutter is gone from space and bags are full around feet/legs,
remove self from space. 

note: The clutter for the two wading sections should be different, so there are in fact four
very large garbage bags filled with clutter, emptied, and then refilled with clutter.