The Enigmatic Symphonies of Instrumentism #19 by Lewis Gesner

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Produce several different sizes of paper circles.  Take scissors and cut pie-like slices
out of circles, displaying the process prominently in front of self, then taping both slices and remainders of each circle (as they are made) on a blank wall.
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Tear all of the squares from a paper towel roll and stack on floor in a perfect vertical
pile.  Bring a bucket of water to a central floor area, place on floor, then, tip it over
so all water spills out.  Acting quickly, use a paper towel to soak up, throw paper towel in
the empty bucket. Use another paper towel the same, and so on until all the paper
towels are used up, or until the water has all been soaked up.
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Take several wooden dowels of different diameters and lengths.  Using tacks and
a hammer, drive tacks into the dowels around its diameter and at various lengths
along them. Now, roll the dowels with the palm of the hand along the floor like rolling
dough; observe the rhythmic pattern you are generating with this process.  Make
variants based on these immediate observations. Explore and roll for some time.