The Enigmatic Symphonies of Instrumentism #20 by Lewis Gesner

Sling Around        

Produce tubes/ cylindrical containers of various sizes and composition.  For instance,
use a glass jar (or several) a cardboard tube, a cardboard tube cement form, a metal
stove pipe, a round food tin, a plastic cylinder, bowls, baskets, etc. Now, produce
rods; wooden dowels of different sizes, metal rods, plastic straws, paint stirrers, sticks,
etc. Now, place rods inside the cylindrical objects so that they are standing up, and
sling them around so that they move in circles inside the cylinders.  Sling in different
directions, with differing force, varied combinations of rod and cylinder materials.

Implied Previous

Enter with a large bag.  Empty bag onto floor.  Many tightly wadded balls of paper fall out.
Take them one at a time and uncrumple, flattening and smoothing, and then stacking.

Enter with a large bag of flour and a bucket of water. Take the flour and pour in into the
bucket, kneed, mix, try to use all of the flour and make a massive blob of dough.  Roll it
on the floor, wrap it around the arms, fight it, throw it against the wall, separate it, try
to make it do something with special expression of its nature.  Explore it, make it reveal