The Enigmatic Symphonies of Instrumentism #22 by Lewis Gesner

Rock Drop Variance     

Take a handful of rocks from a satchel slung over the shoulder, hold hand of rocks
as far out and up as can reach, and let them drop onto the floor.  Reach into satchel
and retrieve an equal quantity of rocks, lean down as low as you can, and let the rocks
drop out of hand onto floor.  Take a single rock in hand, hold as far out and up as
you can, and let drop.  Again, take the same quantity from the satchel, lean as low
as you can, and let the rock drop from the hand onto the floor. Do this two element
contrast set with several quantities of rocks, and several distances and combinations
between highest and lowest reach. 


Collect and bring to a space as many and as varied circular container lids as you can.
Dump onto floor in a single pile and withdraw one lid. Stand it on its edge and spin it.
When it comes to rest, retrieve another lid and do the same.  Spin all of the lids in this

Punctured Bag of Water

Bring a container of water and an empty plastic bag to the performance space. Empty
the container of water into the plastic bag twist-tie or otherwise close off the opening.
Place the bag of water on the floor and stick it with a pin near its bottom, puncturing it.
Leave it as the water runs out.