The Enigmatic Symphonies of Instrumentism #24 by Lewis Gesner

Fearful Communicating

Place a stack of envelops, some paper a bottle of wine and a glass on
a writing desk. Sit at the desk. Produce an ink pen from a pocket, and begin
writing a letter. The performer can plainly see that his pen has no ink, yet
he continues to write.  After many letters are written, they are all put into envelops and sealed.   


 time line

The performer puts down a path of red adhesive tape on floor, makes a path with turns, all being at ninety degree angles, mostly covering all of the space. There are doorways, walls, pillars here- the performer uses metal brackets and attaches thin dowels to these corners and openings- along the way of the path, so that the dowels, attached at all different heights up to the standing height of the performer, so that the dowels jut out into the space from the corners, above where the tape/path passes. The performer then takes four dowels, each cut to a different length, varying from only a few inches to several feet. The performer now goes to the beginning of the path, and, using one of the dowels like a cane, if short, leaning way over so that dowel is used to tap on floor, advances, tapping the dowel/cane steadily, along floor, along the path. When the performer reaches the jutting dowels, they stay on path, indifferent- the performer will push into the dowels with whatever part of the body goes against them, and keeps going- as the snap off and break from where they are fixed. After a time, the performer put the dowel being used in a pocket, jutting out, and takes another from another pocket, also jutting out- and uses that dowel/cane of a different length, leaning over or not, as the length of dowel determines, to be able to tape it on the floor.
This continues until the end of the path.



The performer returns to the table, collects the letters, and puts them in a plastic bag, and tied the bag closed. They then throw the plastic bag as hard as possible toward the farthest area of the space.