The Enigmatic Symphonies of Instrumentism #25 by Lewis Gesner


The performer brings two rolls of string, blue adhesive tape, and many thin dowels to space. He stuffs a ball of string up each sleeve of a long-sleeved shirt or sweater. He then proceeds to tape the thin dowels over his various joints so that the joints are made rigid- wrapping tape around the limb(s) digit(s) many times, so they are very tight and secure. Several dowels should be put over each joint.

 the chase

The performer pulls one of the balls of string out from under a sleeve- he hold one end, and throws the ball so that it unravels. He follows it where it leads. He reaches it, and picks it up, throwing it again, continuing the unraveling- he follows it again, with the end of the string still in hand. Now, bending down is difficult- bending down to pick up the string, depending on where it has landed, will snap the dowels that are fixed across his joints- the bending should be very difficult, but should be down, no matter how hard- breaking dowels. This is down until string is gone- then, second string is pulled from other sleeve, and this is also used up, in the same way.