Lisa Bonet on Learning Versus Knowing

"I've come to believe that our scientific understanding of the universe is something like a person, in a cave, with a candle trying to make a map. We don't know how big the cave is, we don't know where we are in the cave with relation to its edges, all we know is the area directly around us. It's more to do with us than the place we exist within it.

Recent centuries have brought Copernican revelations which reinforce the feeling that we actually know nothing about the Universe. I used to be content with the notion of a big bang serving as a starting point but it no longer satisfies me. Something triggered that. There are things larger than our Universe and smaller than our sub-atomic leptons. This feeling of actually knowing nothing has awakened an awareness in me that I have to call spiritual; accepting that the things I'm sure of are things I cannot prove.

As products of this universe we have an innate understanding of it - if we listen - that we can never substantiate analytically."