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Infinity Links October And November
It Looks Obvious After Napping
Igloo Leasers Of Alaskan Nativity
Incandescent Lights On Amicable Nights
Intelligent Living Organisms Against Nouns
Irrefutable Lambasters Of Alfani Neckwear
Information Lingers Obstinately Among Newspapers
Inconsequential Longings Old And New
Isotopes Leptons Octagons Anagrams Neutrons

Roughly 35 books have been published by ILOANBooks and about 15 of them are currently for sale in the bookstore.

Books For Your Hands

Our first book was Badly Drawn Monkeys, a spiral-bound compilation printed at an extinct copy shop in Rohnert Park, CA. The authors of that book were also the original three members of the band Phil and the Osophers. Since those early days, ILOANBooks has produced everything from glossy, perfect-bound photography books to 5-cent Xerox machine short story collections. We take pride in publishing entirely original, unmarketable, and brilliant writing that you can touch and smell and loan to a friend.

For more about why ILOANBooks exists check out Gus Iversen's interview on the Josh Volinski Show - and forgive him for stammering and being awkward. Being on public access TV is scary!