the heart of the human problem is the heart of the human

religious pamphlets? love 'em! read all of 'em that i can get my hands on. i have one pamphlet that warns against microchipping your animal, (dogs and cats are often microchipped by a vet so that if they are lost they can be returned to their owners). the pamphlet explains, rather convincingly, that this is the beginning of armageddon and soon we will be getting microchipped ourselves and then some of us will be assigned the microchip number 666 and then... well... let's just hope you believe in god -- i mean God.

there was a dreadlocked hippie on the train today with a folding metal chair and a pair of bongoes. he and his buddy played non-stop between 72nd st and 96th on the 3 train, and not very well mind you, and then started attacking commuters for not smiling at them or thanking them for the music. this was practically rush hour. it wasn't about the money, they kept insisting, we were so pathetic for assuming it had anything to do with money, they were angry...

i'm gonna start a religion of my own and the core belief of my religion is that nobody dies until they've been punched in the jaw. it may take years, even decades... but we all leave this world knowing what it feels like to have the taste knocked out of our mouth.