Next week, (November 7th to be precise) Papa B Studios joins forces with ILOANBooks to bring you a kaleidoscopic artistic experience. Friday marks the opening or a 2 week exhibit featuring diverse and talented local artists, (and one San Franciscan). Opening night however, will also feature live performances by Buffie Gilbert and Phil and the Osophers and feature a rare in-store sale of various ILOANBooks.

There will be free wine and the event will be followed by a late night Emotional Dance Challenge. In other words, you need to be there!

Here is a brief break down of the artists:

David Sloan - Brooklyn based enthusiast of cats and other magical animals.
Kenneth Kudulis - Hails from Alabama an' he likes paintin'!
Liana Dardashti - 40% fictional character, species inventor, gypsy nurturer.
Vanessa Maida - Collage troubadita, stealing midknights with rooks.
Moira Egan - Matron of lost shadows, consultant to snow people
Gaylord Rice - Exposer of negatives, wrangler of loose tongues.

And here's the poster: