The Story of Manny and the Blind Man

Ever since he told it to me I've tried to write it. Manny's story about helping the blind man when nobody else would. He told it to me at work, during a slow day. He was mopping the floor and I leaned against the reception desk, completely captivated. Unfortunately every time I try to write the story it comes up short.

One time I was exiting the 50th St. Station on the 1 train and I passed the Dunkin' Donuts built into the station. I think that's the 1 train? Anyway, it was the station I went to with Maida one time and she got a small coffee:

There were two Indian guys closing down the gates on the shop. I think they were Indian. One of them was in uniform while the other was wearing a formal suit. As I passed them the sharp dressed guy asked the uniformed guy, "So, how was last night?" then there was a short silence in which they both grinned. The uniformed guy shook his head, laughed, and replied, "I had a lot of fun." And then they both laughed.

I wondered about the look exchanged between the question and the answer. Sometimes I try to fill that look with something and I can't do it. I'd like to fill that look with Manny's story about the time he helped the blind man get on the correct bus.