Cuddles like a snuggie
thuggie as Fergie on a porcupine's birthday
Can you smell my soul incense
dancing rainbows in my he- he- head?
roof-tin piddle

Big dog hanging on the side of the market w/ shoulder hair
gears newspaper holder you got 4 kids
umbrella in my meal
float Kardashian why up the hill
soup for a fraction of my windex summer split

Grooming on the styrofoam crane of cobbler
scream church songs like a tinkle of pee
figurine & fingers like a sexy utensil
My well-groomed toe hairs blow in her direction when the moonshines in my jasmine tea cup
blossoms like onion rings
Oprah bookclub baby

Acoustic camp fire lottery dream
my love trust argyle lizard lemons
flipping through channels without your comments
thirty years of trash-bags smell
gas up the Miada I got gas

My post modern cappuccino curator self-stamping teddy bear
I just want to dance with your pent-up aggression, baby
na-na na-na na