Wearing contact lenses makes people nicer to me but not if I sleep in them. They don't like that squint. I think that's why they kicked me out of a coffee shop today.

On the Church Ave. bound G train towards Metropolitan a dude gets on at Greenpt wearing a Patrick Ewing jersey in honor of the Knicks game tonight against the Celtics.

I'm trying to love Deep Cuts by The Knife the way I used to but my headphones have grown old and the slightest movement mutes the left earphone so I'm perfectly, unnaturally still.

A lady gets on at Nassau wearing sunglasses. The Patrick Ewing guy is talking to her but I can't hear what they're saying. Then he starts taking her picture with his iPhone, searching for better angles he sits next to me. Then he leans against the handrail. Then he sits next to her and they shake hands.

Trying to listen to music on broken headphones can make a person go crazy. They are worth replacing