it's a small, good feeling
every now and again
when i re-discover
i genuinely like poetry

i know there is no
bad poetry
because i've seen
the unloveable poets
at their lawn chair microphones
dripping beautiful, alien
poetry from wounds
that don't make sense

but i start to think
poets only
enjoy themselves
like the refractive company
that actors make
needing one another
just to make a play

or else they only like themselves and arthur rimbaud
which is understandable
or actually
just themselves, rimbaud, bukowski and leaves of grass

and brautigan,
if they've read him
... brautigan and o'hara...
and kennneth k oh, and certain ginsbergs...
and estrada...
...and patchen...
plath and silverstein...
...and the authors of almost all
of the reasonably short poems

it's a small, good feeling
and i can always use a good feeling
today i can use one because
someone stole my bike