certainty as an icing spread sweet and rich upon the thick headed skulls we can fall on soft strangers safely making out some temporal achievement absurdest (attractive?) -most!

among them most, resembling, but never compared to, the over eager cop in training hung up like bar hooks his fingers in his belt loop try'na be a good dude in a pentagon of newlywed duffle bags - watch as new law goodbyes its rookies with a CUNY smile, enjoys bbqs responsibly, birthday parties, warm like somebody's tongue, a nursed corona.

justice you tetrino, you kaleidoscope you are never done digesting and some bearded babies wanna know if you can spare a (high) five. these crimes of taste are not why you joined the force. look

here's a child mindful not to wake his mother sound asleep, cooing in her exhausted ear, "there will be cake, my child i was in heaven in 2006 and god told me to tell you this life will certainly yield cake."