thank you for calling ultracom, how may i help you?
divina, please
divina brown or divina rutherford?
uh... i dunno, i'll try either.

[holding music]

this is divina.
hello, we spoke earlier. i need help setting up my ultracom.
ok, we can hook up the machine for you, let me fax the form to you.
ok, thanks.
what is the make of the new machine?
ultracom t1e
i thought that was the one you were renting?
both are ultracom t1e
ok, but ultracom t1e doesn't exist. it must be t7e
it isn't. i'm looking at it right now.
i'll have to call you back in an hour. my technicians are out to lunch and i don't know what kind of machine we are talking about.
ok, and is this divina brown?
no. who is that?
i was told there were two divinas in the office.
no, just me.