Squirrel Feet by Jason Stocks

      The deep of
      the waters edge
      is cold and black.
      Mark Keen's telling me to jump

mice munching cables
during xmas
cheeer, yanks
me back.

Eggnog bubble
in the nostrils   from waxy cup in Mrs. Goodman's first grade
from over drink,    itchy sweater,loose tooth
someone's on the roof, squirrel feet   never what I ever want

big floppy eraser-burn-out
soft spot smell    ,left at school   alone with big pencil    and big lonely   (SEASONS CHANGE TO
SPOOK   .and remind that you don't know me anymore
or hold my hand.  People love turtles

they try and      i don't know
save em from
hot pavement and distracted drivers
but put em right back where they started

sometimes turtles pee on people
sshsh I hear it too.  It's just hogs rootin' around
I guess I understand it    don't you .