To Work by Edward Eberle

She set out along her way
Leaving the house,
Now quiet and still.
On she went,
Step by step, following the routine of life.

She now turned right,
And headed down the sidewalk,
Along side the street.

Dressed in full, to ward off the cold:
A down coat, glowing bright and red,
Hat, covering her head,
And touching over her ears,
Boots, black and long and warmly insulated.

In her hand was a briefcase,
Full of work: papers, books, binders.

She continued along her way,
Blowing the cold from her lips,
Walking steadily,
Looking down to see what was on the ground,
Trying to avoid the ice and snow

In her mind were her thoughts:
Planning for the day ahead,
And then looking beyond that
In tune with herself,
A certain rhythm.

She continued to make her way
And then she arrived.
She was at the bus stop.
Waiting just for a moment or two,
And then the bus came.
She bounded aboard
And off to work she went.