For Lottieanne by Tony Gomez

trying to surmise the total area of my spaceless timeshare
not easy on earth with you undressed the way you are
time slinks down the sidewalk like a candle's wax
the wind moves the window closes

sometimes you're the town i got a postcard from
someone who was here but now no more
thinking that there was something to say
and despite the ways i bend my ear
postcards are so insincere

sometimes i sit here and go other places at the same time
other times i sit here and i sit here like chewed up gum
on the bottom of the desk i rest my elbows on
in the fraction of a half moment our weird good thing rests upon

to grow up big and wise is good
to know the tune of great songs, people great and dead
all the mothers and all of the fathers
no amount of spinach and water will clear my head
i yank the strings on your sweatshirt's hood
i trim the wick, i was the dishes

i feel like a cat tied to a kite
everything about you makes me uptight

Image: Fragment from Two Lovers by Vincent Van Gogh