ILOANBooks and Spolia

I haven't been around much lately. Sorry about that. I've been spending most of my time at my other job:

Spolia is a new literary magazine from the lady who created Bookslut, which has been one of the best literary review websites for over a decade. I joined the team a few months ago to help out with copy editing, print design, writing articles, and pestering writers.

You should read it. It's fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction from around the world. Many great international authors, (some dead, some living) translated into English for the first time, and a great many still-living authors who are not famous at all. The name Spolia refers directly to the spoils of war and indirectly to the changing landscape of publishing, which is to say you can reach a lot more people for a lot less money when you do it digitally.

Along with the digital magazine we're also printing outrageously uneconomical limited edition paperback books featuring some of our favorite stories coupled with original illustrations. Just like ILOANBooks!

So yea, I even closed down submissions to ILOANBooks. I didn't realize how much I'd miss the weird stuff people send me. You all don't see the half of it, but I love all of it. The greatest thing about ILOANBooks is the random, dreaming, beautiful people who send me their work to share with the world. I hope to see them, and the rest of you who read their work, again sometime soon.

Until then.