Kimberly Lieu

a leo and a tiger (in bed). 

i'm originally from southern california, which makes my soul 1/2 mexican but i am quite nomadic these days.

you can find me in nooks and crannies all over. besides trying to "make it big" by writing poetry, i'd like (nay, love) to work in the nonprofit world to help people, plant trees, and change some lives. nothing too grandiose.  

i am in love with: traveling, cheese, and sunsets.

sweet synonym, sweet antonym 

agridulce (bittersweet)

Kevin Estrada

i'm originally from daly city, which means there's a 90% chance i'm filipino. currently, i live in brooklyn, which means there's a 100% chance i love tacos. if i could, i'd write and contemplate poetry all day, but alas, i live the american dream which is to work to pay off credit card debt. i enjoy a good book and quiet places.

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