Ice Ages

They use clocks you could never understand
at The Intellectual Millionaire Meeting,
which is held inside your (dream) home…

They sit around a creamy candle in a golden stick,
flame flapping the contemplative breeze:
"Yes, the hard times are ending. No, English
never knew such important tongues before..."

Frank looked in the flames and caught a glimpse
of the Unifying Law of Natural Reality.

George laughed a defiant snort into the flame
(Nobody understood why,
but they admired his vagueness
because at an Intellectual Millionaire Meeting
anyone can say what's funny.)

Jenny made her eyes look brave
in a profound, expressive way.

Two Inch Jesus emerged from the flame and gave
an insightful power point presentation,
he spoke like a helicopter,
( and his computer was built
by perfect angels )

“Salvation isn't cheap! It's stylishly affordable!”
beamed the articulate Jesus.

Overwhelmed: Frank grabbed a Kleenex
to wipe his forehead with.

The Intellectual Millionaires don’t leave your (dream) home anymore, but George understands The Uncertainty Principle and Jenny got a Michael Jordan rookie card off eBay. She has the PayPal and the American Express. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night because Frank is teaching himself the clarinet.