The Zen Pig Farmer

The Zen Pig Farmer went out to slop the hogs one day. He poured the slop into the trough, and the pigs came quickly and started eating. He stood and watched. After a bit, one pig looked up at him. Licking slop from its chin, it said, "You know, every day you come here and bring us our food. All we do is lie around and eat; yet you see to all our needs. Why do you do this?"

The Zen Pig Farmer stroked his beard slowly and said, "They call me The Zen Pig Farmer because of what I do." The pig went back to eating.

A little later the pig looked up again. It said, "Did you ever consider that maybe you are called The Zen Pig Farmer because you are a pig farmer and I am the Zen Pig?"

The farmer said, "Um… no… "

Timothy J. Weber
Tales of the Zen Pig Farmer, 5 June, 1996.