Our Dogs Are Restless

It is fitting that I belly up to the blog slightly intoxicated. It's a time for celebration. ILOANBooks is getting ready to release a beautiful compilation written by lifelong buds Andrew Macy (poet / musician) and illustrated by Jake Page (artist / arteest). Dammit, we just couldn't be prouder.

Our Dogs Are Restless is a collection of bloody, lovelorn, whiskey drenched, ocean sprayed poems. They tenderly address the illusions that make our lives meaningful and the way they're so often sucked beneath the undertow, rendering us wobbly, naked and sun burnt. As Macy writes, "We're only as beautiful as the light that bounces off of us." Dogs are invoked upon this dependency. The wandering curiosity of man's best friend; the naive optimist, the shoulder, the witness... there is a sense of suns rising and suns setting... helplessness and finding purpose through purposelessness.

eyes parted by blistered thumbs
i was looking for you
you were right
i'll never remember anything
until the view from your window
reminds me i'll never
remember anything

Macy's voice is spontaneous, readily imperfect but streaming consistently with honesty and good humor. Freedom is in the fabric of the text -- it hovers between the pages like flies on an empty bag of sandwich meat. The pursuit of freedom, the taking of it, the loss of it. Jake Page's illustrations, which uniformly capture dogs engaged in human leisure activities, play on freedom as well.

I'm enticed to pontificate on the significance of dogs on rope swings, dogs playing accordions, and dogs flying kites... but they speak for themselves. Here is one of my favorites.

Marinate on that for a second.

Click here to read sample pages.