YO DOO @ Cakeshop

So we participated in the March YO DOO at Cakeshop. It's essentially a flea market for hand made crafts. It was a great opportunity to sell a couple books, pick up some hand stapled literature, and get schooled on how likeminded publishers are getting the wordz out.

For starters, check out kaboompress.com ...the site itself appears to be under construction but the video is reason alone to check it out. They put out little quarter page books. TONS OF THEM. They also have really nice versions of some of Dustin Jenkin's books, (he has books on ILOAN too). It's run by Steve and Inju, really nice people who live uptown and print the books in their apartment.

Then there's the Dapper Chap Quarterly. INCREDIBLE. I picked this up from Mike Freiheit, one of the featured artists / illustrators. I have never considered myself a comic book junkie but these guys are crossing boundaries, genres. It's art, plain and simple.I also got a zine called Ditmas 2 which is a fantastic compilation of comics by Wafflebutt Press. I purchased it from the bass player for The Shaydes, who also gave me a couple copies of his mini-comic which documents the adventures of his band.

Finally, I learned about Fractious Press. You can go to their website and see what they've got going on. They've got bookstores carrying their stuff all over the country. One of their books was reviewed in The Village Voice. So yea, they are really working it.

I'm inspired...