Samsaraholics Anonymous by Dirk Schmidt

Samsaraholics Anonymous is an Eight-Step Program; The only requirement for membership is the aspiration for the cessation of suffering.
Nearly 100% of the population may be suffering from samsaraholism - in the home, on the job, or on the highway. As S.A. sees it, samsaraholism is an illness. Samsaraholics cannot control their cravings for their objects of attachment, because they are ill in their bodies and their minds. If they do not stop craving, their samsaraholism almost always gets worse. 
What are the Symptoms?
Not all samsaraholics have the same symptoms, but many show these signs: They often want "just one more" embodied existence at the end of any given lifetime; they look forward to occasions of any sort, and think about them a lot (in a non-equanimous way); they get re-born when they had not planned to; they try to control their samsara by changing religions or significant others; they lie about their impermanence (to themselves and others); they ignorantly crave embodied existence at work, or alone; they have blackouts, where they can't remember the next lifetime what they said, or did, in the lifetime before.
How does Samsaraholics Anonymous help?
Through the example and friendship of the qualified 8-step leader and the support from groups of recovering samsaraholics, new members are encouraged to stay away from the objects of attachment "one kalpa at a time." Instead of "swearing off since beginningless time" or worrying about whether they will be enlightened spontaneously, members of samsaraholics anonymous concentrate on not craving right "now" - in this exceedingly brief, instantaneous moment (which elapses in a mere fraction of the blink of an eye, or a flash of lightning). But remember, there is another part to getting well and staying non-attached, which is cultivating a mind free from clinging. So they begin to straighten out their confused thinking and unhappy feelings by following Samsaraholics Anonymous' "Eight Steps" to recovery. These steps suggests ideas and actions that can guide samsaraholics toward happy, non-fabricated, unconditioned realization of the ultimate truth of existence. 
Who belongs to Samsaraholics Anonymous?
Like any other sickness, old age, or death, samsaraholism strikes at all sorts of beings, human and non-human alike. So the members of Samsaraholics Anonymous are of all races, nationalities, religions, and species. They are rich and poor and just average. They work at all occupations, as lawyers and housewives, teachers and truckdrivers, hungry ghosts and jealous gods, predators and prey, sky-goers and smell-eaters, and so on. In fact, they have been comprised of just about any and all sentient beings, without exception, since beginningless time... 

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